who is she?

My real name's Michelle, and I made this site around Christmas of '98 (after wanting to for about a year before that). The first anime series I ever really liked was Yuu Yuu Hakusho, and the first yaoi couple Kurama and Hiei. After that, I discovered Gundam Wing, Bakuretsu Hunters, and Ranma 1/2 respectively. Ranma 1/2 is my favorite, and Ryouga my favorite character (ever).

Early in the year 2K I made this site less graphics intensive and more uniform. Not only does Shelle Garden now carry the theme of a garden but a book as well ^^. I tried to offer my pages content straightforewardly with as little chatter as possible (hence the lack of an intro on my homepage). So all the chatter is here ^_^. I hope to introduce new fans to the series I love so much as well as entertain those who are already fans, that's why I made the page Shi.

My biggest problem is PROCRASTINATION, bear with me please ^^;;;. Last, but not least, a list of what's here (so you don't go looking for something that's not):
Games-R1/2,GW,YYH,BH(one per)
Glossary of japanese words and fanfiction terms(off Shi)
Summaries, character guides, couples imo-R1/2,GW,YYH,BH,ORIGINAL
Original Poetry

Go enjoy yourself! Ja!